Pros and cons of smoking devices vs bongs

Quality of Bongs

List of all the major ways of smoking cannabis along with their advantages and disadvantages. Pretty good guide to help any aspiring or existing smoker decide what type of piece to buy/use. I say bongs are the best and nothing can change that, but please learn make your own decisions.

I'll start off with bongs:

Bongs and Hookahs ProsBongs and Hookahs pros and cons

Bongs and Hookahs Cons

Joints and Blunts ProsJoints and Blunts pros and cons

Joints and Blunts Cons

Pipes ProsPipes pros and cons

Pipes Cons

Bubblers ProsBubblers pros and cons

Bubblers Cons

Vaporizers ProsBubblers pros and cons

Vaporizers Cons

All ways of smoking weed, in the end, should get you where you need to be :-) I choose bongs ... what about you ?


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