How To Use A Bong

Ever since Olympic athlete Micheal Phelps was caught famously using bongs, people who don't inhale cannabis have been wondering what is a bong and how is one used. Phelps would be a natural at using bongs as it requires great lung capacity. Phelps uses top bongs, but affordable and cheap bongs are great too, for getting high on marijuana. There are many different kinds of bongs to choose from, but they all work at filtering and cooling marijuana.

Before we begin lets understand the five different bong parts.

  1. The opening at the top of bongs is where you put your mouth to inhale. It's called the mouthpiece.
  2. The Chamber is where the marijuana smoke is held before you suck it in.
  3. The Carb This is a small hole that air is let through to rush the smoke out of the bong and into your lungs.
  4. The Downstem: Smoke travels through the down stem and takes it through the water and into the chamber.
  5. The Bowl is the cone shaped piece in which you place your marijuana and light it.

Now comes the fun part, using the bong.

  1. Light the marijuana that you have placed in the cone piece.
  2. Begin sucking over the mouthpiece.
  3. Continue lighting as you continue sucking in the smoke.
  4. Once the bowel is empty (or you have had enough) stop lighting the weed and let your finger off the carb.
  5. Inhale all the smoke in the chamber.
  6. Remember to inhale deeply.
  7. Pull your mouth away from the mouthpiece.
  8. Wait a few moments exhale.
  9. Repeat as necessary.

Using bongs is a wonderful way to get high on marijuana. There are a variety of bongs available for potheads to choose from. Cheap bongs to top bongs costing thousands of dollars. Cartoon bongs to intricate bongs. Every pothead despite their income should have a bong or two to smoke from.

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Mini Molino Bong
$14.41 / €11.90
Mini Molino Bong
Glass and cobalt when used together, create a distinguished combination. This Bong is very small and well-shaped. It stands out with its simple but elegant design and great smoking conditions. This Mini Molino Bong is an example that Water Bong don't have to be big to actually make you feel fantastic with just a puff. And another, and another... Even better, right? Smoke in elegant way whenever and anywhere you want to.
Size: 11cm
Fluorescent Plastic Bong
$12.75 / €10.53
Fluorescent Plastic Bong
Shining in a dark room, showing you the real world, this Acrylic Water Bong needs your attention. The colour of red wine which is healthy for your body and mind, makes smoking from this device a real pleasure. It can make your mood better, bring some nice moments to you, give you some wise thoughts and lift your emotions high in the sky. Get this red Fluorescent Acrylic Bong and get happy!
Size: 29.8cm
Roor Custom Little Sista Icemaster 3.2 - Pink Logo
$164.77 / €110.20
Roor Custom Little Sista Icemaster 3.2 - Pink Logo
This glass gem is sure to impress. Standing at just over a foot tall (14 inches) with a styling pink RooR label. The Little Sista weighs just over 500 grams with a slim durable glass thickness of 3.2mm. A smaller verision of RooR's Dealer Cup bong. The bong's flat wide base will contain just the right amount of water for perfect filteration. Ice notches in the neck allows enthusiasts to pack plenty of ice cubes when they pack a bowl. Providing a very smooth cool inhalation. A variety of RooR accessories provies a near limitless possibilty in alternative parts. The Little Sisata Icemaster is an awesome mid priced RooR bong.
Durable, very stable and reliable roor bong, 14 inches tall, 3.2mm thick glass, weights around 500 grams. Lovely Roor signature logo embossed in pink along the main shaft and usefull ice notches molded into the sides for cooling smoke with ice cubes. Top of the line, well designed and manufactured bong with limitless accessories and free herb grinder as an extra. I was impressed by smooth smoke and extraordinary quality glass touch!
Size: 35cm
"Damn fine bong! Worth the investment. It hits like a bitch in heat. This is my third RooR. Not as good as the Dealer Cup bong, but damn she's sweet toke and way more affordable too. Buy this bong! Hasn't left my side since I got it. Own plenty of awesome ash-catchers too."

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