How to make a bong

Bong - what is it?

How do bongs work?

bongTo build one of the simplest bongs you need:


  1. Make a hole for the pipe about 1/3 way up bottle and insert pipe so pipe is bending down into the bottle.
  2. Put the socket in the end of the pipe outside the bottle
  3. Make a smaller hole in the bottle above the first hole
  4. Fill bottle with water so that pipe is in water, but water level does not reach the hole.

Ok. The socket is where you put your mix (tobacco and your crumbled solid) and the second hole acts as an air-hole.
When you have filled the socket with your mix, you light the mix and suck through the bottle top while holding your finger over the air-hole.
To clear the bottle, either suck all the smoke out or take your finger off the air-hole and blow the smoke out.
So there you have it, a simple bong.

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Glass Bong - Hand Model
$13.50 / €11.16
Glass Bong - Hand Model
A wonderful handheld bong. Don't let its smaller size fool you into believing this bong doesn't haul hard when inhaling. Bubbles beautifully. Holds just the right amount of water for excellent filtration.
Size: 18cm
"This is a wonderful little bong. When I purchased it I thought it might be too small or would break easily, but no! The bowl is nice and large and I was feeling pretty wiggy for the whole day after i smoked from this little guy. Definitely satisfied!"
"Perfect for personal sessions. Best bong I own. Very happy. It's my first bong."
Ice Water Bong
$32.23 / €26.63
Ice Water Bong
Awkward looking but surprisingly very comfortable to grip. The bong's unique shape is perfect for filtering herb. Holds plenty of ice and water. The stem is slick with "Ice Fire" stenciled in. Extremely durable.
Size: 34cm
"This bong impressed us right away when it fell out of its box onto a kitchen floor and there wasn’t even a scuff on it. This bong design is the cream of the crop this year. The stem is straight, which felt surprisingly comfortable, and the base, emblazoned with “Ice Fire” was amongst the most worry free we’ve come across."
"A must have. You can jam lotta weed in the bowl. Nice bong! Rips awesome. Kick ass bong! Dropped it on the floor after a heavy hit and it didn't break. Serious!"
Conical Tubing Bong
$32.25 / €26.64
Conical Tubing Bong
Once mastered this bong will take you to the "other side" in few puffs. I highly recommend it for any discerning practitioner of our craft!
Size: 40cm

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