How to Buy a Bong

With so many different kinds of bongs to buy it can be often difficult to know which one is right for you. First time bong purchasers are usually overwhelmed with bong buying options. There are just too many bongs. Whether you are looking for top bongs, affordable bongs or cheap bongs the purchasing premise is the same. We receive numerous inquires like the one below about our bongs every day.

"I plan on buying my first bong soon and had a few questions. I was looking on a few online sites because I probably wont be able to go out to a Headshop. Anyways I saw a few nice ones and pretty cheap at that."

"What should I be looking at when buying a bong?"

"Whats a good glass thickness size?"

"I smoked a RooR bong once and it put me on my ass so I'm thinking of buying one as soon as possible. Thanks for any help you may provide."

We tell our customers the first consideration is your bong budget. Decide how much you can spend on your bong. Within your budget you'll find there are many different kinds of bongs to choose from. Look for a bongs that have 5mm thickness and bigger. Make sure the joint looks thick and nicely made also.Other then that, the shape is basically personal preference. A roor bong is a wonderful top bong. But so is Pure Glass Bongs, Weed Star or Ehle. Which are cheaper bongs, but almost as nearly as wonderful to use. Bongs come in a variety of styles and shapes. Find one that appeals to you and make the purchase securely online. Bongs will be shipped discreetly directly to your door. No going to seedy headshops. Relax in the comfort of your home allowing you to do plenty of bong browsing. Online shops have a large selection of bongs. Often more bongs than carried at the local retail outlet. Some stoners are will spend hours examining all the different kinds of bongs offered. Make a bong wishlist and start from the top and work your way down.

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Magic Glass Bong 2000
$108.04 / €89.25
High quality, one of the largest bongs from Magic Glass. All the way from the enormous base, thru wide and long shaft, the smoke cools down providing the smoker with a nice and smooth hit.
Size: 59cm
You Beauty Bong
$38.71 / €31.98
An oddly looking bong that's unique eye-catching design cools down smoke wonderfully. The four chambers provide a silky smooth cool hit. Pack a bowl extra heavy because it's so smooth stoners can take crippling bong rips. You're sure to feel the effects of marijuana with this bong. The clear construction allows friends to watch tokes. Don't fear coughing in front of friends. You Beauty Bong hits silky smooth.
You Beauty doubles the smoke cooling space with four chambers for your smoke to cool down. While some old timers may find this a little overkill, many of us don’t mind the extra work of filling the bong to get that extra crisp feeling only something like this can provide. While it’s completely clear, this construction makes this piece not only one of the smoothest out there, but it also succeeds in being one of the most eye-catching.
Size: 35cm x 14cm
"Fantastic! Looks like a robot. Love inhaling from my You Beauty Bong. Instense. Hardest hitting bong I ever had. Pack a bowl with plenty of bud. Damn! Best bong in my glass collection."
Roor Bong 7.0 - 3 Piece
$368.87 / €246.70
Roor Bong 7.0 - 3 Piece
Functionality, durability and most importantly design has made this RooR bong one of the most desirable pieces of glass enthusiasts will want in their collection. The RooR 7.0 is smaller and more affordable, but still has the distinctive quality enthusiasts expect from RooR. The bong's simple design combined with 7mm thick glass ensures its stability. A three piece system that can be easily added with awesome RooR accessories. An excellent affordable introduction to the RooR line.
Roor bong with the thickest wall diameter 7mm, impressive glass volume gives rich, heavy feeling and results in an unmatched grade of stability. One of simplest ascetic designs with a very stable ground notch and great raw glass touch. Definitely my favourite and a recommendation for smaller bongs lovers. Very durable!
Size: 35cm
"This was the first RooR bong I bought! My other bongs collect dust now that I own this beautiful RooR. Loved it so much I began my own RooR collection. Careful! Owning this bong will make you want to come back for more. After four months of thinking about it I finally bought this bong for my birthday. Why did I wait!"

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