Cheap Big Bongs

Big bongs deliver big hits, thus let you get knocked out without wasting too much time operating them :-) Much less wasteful than joints, much more cool for show off at stoner parties or simply on shelf. Save your lungs, weed and reputation!

My favourite Cheap Big Bongs

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Glass Bong
$23.50 / €19.41
Glass Bong
Sometimes you have to travel a long way to reach your destination. And sometimes it appears that the way had to be such long to make the goal worth waiting for. The same is about this Glass Bong . The smoke has to travel a long way up to reach you. But when it finally does, you will not be disappointed. Wait for the magic smoke. Celebrate it! Do not hurry. Take your time and let the smoke take control.
Height: 46,5 cm
Glass icebong
$32.23 / €26.63
Glass icebong
Now you have another oportunity to freeze some water. Not only drinks like ice. Smoke also does! And you will like it also (unless you like it already) from the moment you try this Ice Bong. Ice is a magic thing which turn ordinary smoking into an extremely delightful experience. Remember: water is life. Frozen water is cool life!
Height: 34 cm
Metal Bong
$34.33 / €28.36
Metal Bong
Look how it works: Metal music - it's powerful (even if you don't listen to it, you will probably agree - it gives a kick). Metal swords - they were used to cut dragons' heads and win battles and wars. Metal constructions - they are solid and durable, they stand proudly. There is something magical about metal items. Try this Metal Bong, and the smoke empowered by metal will get you higher than you thought you could get.
Height: 44 cm

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