Big Quality Bongs

Big bongs deliver big hits, thus let you get knocked out without wasting too much time operating them :-) Much less wasteful than joints, much more cool for show off at stoner parties or simply on shelf. Save your lungs, weed and reputation!

My favourite Big Quality Bongs

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$65.60 / €45.54
Magic Glass Bongs are not mass produced glass bongs.
These bongs are made from the finest borosilicate glass under the highest quality standards. All bongs are tested before despatch.
These are top quality glass bongs made in Germany.
14.5mm join
Height: 38 cm Diameter: 54 mm Glass Thick: 3 mm
Glass Bong Sandblasted
$48.46 / €40.03
Glass Bong Sandblasted
There is something intriguing about Matte surfaces. While the glossy ones are shiny but ordinary, the matte stand out, have their unique style and features. This Sandblasted Glass Bong reminds its owner of the mysterious desert and its unknown forces. Sand, moon, stars - it's all here, locked inside this lustre glass and waiting for you to reveal it, experience it, enjoy it. Try smoking in Sandblasted Glass Bong and discover the secrets od Desert.Height: 35 cm
Holland bong metal stem 2 holes
$16.04 / €13.26
Holland bong metal stem 2 holes
n my opinion it's an amazing bong for the price! It can be a little tricky to assemble and there are no instructions. You want to put the rubber pieces in both holes then slowly slide the stem through the bottom rubber piece. Once assembled it smokes great. It has a nice sized chamber for the price. I think it's possible to put too much water in the bong and it can be hard to get continuous suck-age; if you have this happen just poor some of the water out.All bongs vary in color. Height: 38 cm

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