Big Bongs

Big bongs deliver big hits, thus let you get knocked out without wasting too much time operating them :-) Much less wasteful than joints, much more cool for show off at stoner parties or simply on shelf. Save your lungs, weed and reputation!

My favourite Big Bongs

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Conical Tubing Bong
$32.25 / €26.64
Conical Tubing Bong
Well made, firmly standing, this Bong is high and nice. Big Pot Leaf shows the smoke the way. The direction is always upwards. Your lungs is where it's going. This water bong is inspired by nature and its power. Like a high tree with all its dignity and pride, this Water Bong is definitely worth trying. Great performance, excelent filtration – you will not be disappointed.
Size: 40cm
G-Spot Classic Egg Bong
$107.17 / €88.54
G-Spot Classic Egg Bong
This bong is so much bigger than i thought its so nice it may not be the most artistic bong but this thing is made to get the job done and man does it. everyone is so jealous of this bong and the gold g-spot is great to get the ladies to smoke out of it. it clears out so nice cuz of the big carb and huge water chamber.. best bong i have ever used and i have owned $300 bongs.
Size: 50cm
Double Colored XXL Bong
$34.03 / €28.12Double Colored XXL Bong
Woah Dude!! This is da bomb!! Just fill the top with Ice and the bottom with Water and that'll be the perfect hit...Extremely smooth and soooo powerful !! Best of both world! And you can even smoke 2 people at a time, just unplug the tubes from the top section! Enjoy if you have the chance!! -Dude
Size: 97cm!!!

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