Unique Glass Bongs

Glass bongs are always chosen by smokers for great looks, cool glass touch, classic style and cleaner, healthier smoke. Water filters out tars and toxins and cools the smoke in order to deliver smooth hits and to protect your lungs, definitely important!
Quality, aesthetic glass in bongs provides usefull and pleasant smoke visibility.

My favourite Unique Glass Bongs

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Gold Fumed Bubbler Bong
$60.00 / €49.57
Gold Fumed Bubbler Bong
Looking amazing, with its gold and purple patterns, Gold Fumed Bubber Bong offers you the unique way of smoking marihuana. This water bong stands out with its powerful design and magic strength it gives you with the smoke made by it. Feel as you would be guesting at Maharaja's Palace, tasting on of his best specialities, chilling in gold and crimson interiors and having good oriental puffs. Gold Fumed Bubbler Bong is equipped with multiple magnifiers around the mouth piece and serves its user really great.
Size:20 cm
Glass Bong Turned Medium
$22.53 / €18.61
Glass Bong Turned Medium
Remember a song from The Beatles called "Twist and shout"? Well, this Bong is going to make you cream and shout from excitement while you smoke out of its twisted pipe. Bends, curves and twist are things that, when found on your life path, often let or make you change something, search for new solutions and directions. Who knows, maybe this twisted pipe will bring something brand new to your smoking experience? This Unique Glass Bong surely has a great potential.Size:25 cm
Dragon Bong Small
$70.22 / €58.01
Dragon Bong Small
High in the sky. Collectors Glass art.
In ancient times there lived a flying creature in the skies. The seal of the emperor. The symbol of power and good luck.
Superior art and skillful craftsmanship in fusion with high-grade material (Borosilicate Glass) has made this marvelous design of highest functionality.
The one and only Dragon bong is back on earth! Makes the perfect gift for Christmas this year!
Length: 25 cm Height:16 cm Cut:14,5 mm

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