Use bongs whoever you are, a short happy story.

Last night, I finished up a long day at work with a hearty packed bowl for myself. After getting a nice stone on from my old relaxing friend roor bong, I cruised straight home to join my lovely wife and help her with dinner. Luckily for me kids noticed I was totally relaxed and ready for any kind of fun they could imagine, so well we ended up jumping, running around forgeting the rest of the world still exists. As you probably can imagine dinner was sooo good and made me a little sleepy and so happy :-)

Without a heavy stone on, I don’t think I would have enjoyed the crazy fun with kids as much as I did, nor would I have complemented my woman so much about the super yummy food she had prepared.

Carry on using your bongs for a happy life mates! Not only it makes your soul free from troubles, but also relieves the stress from your body. As Dutchies say "One bong use a day keeps the doctor away :-)"

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Roor Custom Little Sista Icemaster 3.2 - Pink Logo
$164.77 / €110.20
Roor Custom Little Sista Icemaster 3.2 - Pink Logo
This glass gem is sure to impress. Standing at just over a foot tall (14 inches) with a styling pink RooR label. The Little Sista weighs just over 500 grams with a slim durable glass thickness of 3.2mm. A smaller verision of RooR's Dealer Cup bong. The bong's flat wide base will contain just the right amount of water for perfect filteration. Ice notches in the neck allows enthusiasts to pack plenty of ice cubes when they pack a bowl. Providing a very smooth cool inhalation. A variety of RooR accessories provies a near limitless possibilty in alternative parts. The Little Sisata Icemaster is an awesome mid priced RooR bong.
Durable, very stable and reliable roor bong, 14 inches tall, 3.2mm thick glass, weights around 500 grams. Lovely Roor signature logo embossed in pink along the main shaft and usefull ice notches molded into the sides for cooling smoke with ice cubes. Top of the line, well designed and manufactured bong with limitless accessories and free herb grinder as an extra. I was impressed by smooth smoke and extraordinary quality glass touch!
Size: 35cm
"Damn fine bong! Worth the investment. It hits like a bitch in heat. This is my third RooR. Not as good as the Dealer Cup bong, but damn she's sweet toke and way more affordable too. Buy this bong! Hasn't left my side since I got it. Own plenty of awesome ash-catchers too."
Glass Ice Bong Sandblasted
$48.46/ €40.03
Glass Ice Bong Sandblasted
Slim and full of grace – that is how this Glass Bong presents itself. The texture of sandblasted glass this smoking device is made of makes it look frosted even if you haven't put the ice in yet. Big water chamber provides fantastic smoke filtration and the when you add some ice in the holder, it gets even better. Frosted Cannabis leaf looks amazingly mysterious – like a Yeti's footprint in a white snow...
Size: 37.5cm
Little Glass Bong
$12.10 / €10.00
Little Glass Bong
It is small and portable, yet it makes the smoke tasty and easy to inhale. With its simple but effective design, this Water Bong is worth its price. It has a medium size water chamber and a little glass tube decorated with a green Pot Leaf. It is nice to smoke from this Glass Bong, so don't hesitate and purchase it!
Size: 18cm

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