Driving with marijuana and bongs - pulled over by cops

It happened to me and my friend Matt a couple of months ago when we were driving back to my house where we were gonna chill for a bit and smoke some bowls. As we were about 15 mins from my place a cop pulls us over. I forgot to mention we were pretty high from smoking weed at Matt's house, so I couldn't even remember why we were going to my house... probably I had some new game we wanted to try out, we also had two of our favourite bongs in my backpack. Anyway as the police officer walks up he says the license plate light is out of order. When the cop is about to walk back to police car he stops and looks at the marijuana sticker my friend has on his back window. Than he turns around and comes back and says to us: I know you have marijuana on you, looks at us and follows, if it's a small amount it's a small problem if it's a large amount it's a large problem. At the moment I thought about the bag and those 2 bongs we had with us, as they are also forbidden here as drug peripheralia. But the officer looks like he means business so Matt hands him a eighth of an ounce of cannabis buds in a bag from the glove box and the cop looks at it and says "that is a small amount" pockets it and follows "have a nice night" and goes back to police car. I think we got weed jacked but luckily i had some at my house and we did what needed to be done, considering we also had those bongs with us. I think we were very lucky anyway. This year I'll buy some marijuana seeds online and grow myself a few nice cannabis plants :-)

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Green Fluorescent Acrylic Bong
$15.77 / €13.03
Green Fluorescent Acrylic Bong
Just got mine in the mail today, and I must say, I'm impressed. Everything was delivered right on time. I chose to send my money in an envelope so it took one week for the money to get arrive and one week for the piece to get here. It was shipped in a nice white box and was neatly packaged. It had been inspected by US customs, but a sticker on the plastic bag holding the bong said "tobacco use only." The piece came with quite a few circular screens as well.
Size: 36.7 cm
Magic Mushroom Ceramic Bong
$43.11 / €35.62
Magic mushroom ceramic Bong
I love this water bong, It's an amazing hit, it's stealthy and really cute. I don't have to worry about my dad finds it, because the caps stay on well. And I have a thing for shrooms, so it sits right next to my bed ;)
Size: 22 cm
Bamboo Bong with Leaf
$17.07 / €14.10
Bamboo Bong with Leaf
Received today. Amazing piece. Quite heavily, Built to last! Smokes well. It looks like it would hold more water than it does. This isn't a bad thing, just a pointer to anyone who doesn't want to overflow water onto their bowl of weed the first time they smoke with the bong.
Size: 29 cm

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