Crazy Water Bongs

Water bongs use water filtration process in order to make smoke cooler and more palatable and to allow the dose of cannabinoids to be inhaled more deeply and rapidly. This makes absorption more efficient and so smaller amount of cannabis is required. Water filtered smoke also protects alveolar macrophages, an important component in the lungs immune system, and their ability to fight bacteria.
Protect your lungs and use water bongs!

My favourite Crazy Water Bongs

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Acrylic waterpipe - American little train
$ 18.64 / €15.40
Acrylic waterpipe - American little train
Puff puff goes the train...
-Colored acrylic bong
-Train design
-The metal downtube and bowl, mouthpiece ring, rubber grommet and base are standardised bong part
-A simple but highly effective bong design
$ 24.96 / €20.62
Freeze! Hands up! Don't move! It's time for some extreme experience. If you like adrenaline rush and need to do crazy things all the time, why not smoking from a gun? Place your mouth in front of the barrel and take a puff! But carefully, don't pull the trigger. I said "puff", not a "bang". Well, in fact it's not a real gun, it's made of ceramics and doesn't shoot. But it gives a nice smoke and certainly is an extraordinary bong. Try it, we definitely recommend this pistol!
Size: 21 cm
Magic Mushroom
$ 43.11 / €35.62
Magic Mushroom
Magic mushroom ceramic water pipe 22cm. It's also stealthy...
When you put the mushroom tops back on, you can't see it's a pipe!
Height: 22 cm

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