Crazy Glass Bongs

Glass bongs are always chosen by smokers for great looks, cool glass touch, classic style and cleaner, healthier smoke. Water filters out tars and toxins and cools the smoke in order to deliver smooth hits and to protect your lungs, definitely important!
Quality, aesthetic glass in bongs provides usefull and pleasant smoke visibility.

My favourite Crazy Glass Bongs

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Glass Bong
$10.80 / €8.92
Glass Bong
This unique Mini Glass Bong with three ripples in the abse for super grip when hitting. It has an extended mouthpiece and the Triple Grip make it much less likely to slip out of your hand, while also giving it its very individual appearance.
A good sized bowl sits atop the piece to provide a nice, smooth smoke.
Height:17 cm
Hurricane Bong Basix - six air jets
$152.98 / €126.38
Hurricane Bong Basix - six air jets
HURRICANE BASIX only comes in one standard form. Finished to meet top European standards, guaranteed performance and sublime workmanship combine to provide the gateway to an uplifting smoking experience. In our opinion, glass is the most suitable substance used in pipe making. That is why we have chosen Borosilicate glass to make our product. Enjoy a smooth, pure smoke and watch it all happening! These baSIX Hurricane Bongs allow you to watch their revolutionary filtration system in action. It’s this system that defines the amazing quality of Hurricane Bongs.
Fine punctures are applied laterally throughout the corpus of the bong, drawing outside air and swirling the smoke into a strong rotation. As you smoke, the tar content is smeared against the glass. This process expertly purifies the taste and experience of every smoke, and ensures much less impact on the health of the smoker.
This patented Smoke filtration system is licensed by Hurricane worldwide and you get the one and only original. Like all of Hurricane’s range, this model is made of 100% borosilicate glass and is crafted totally tension free. It has an anti-break system and a lack of protruding parts that further ensures that the minimum amount of damage is done if the bong is dropped.
All Hurricane models are shipped as complete sets, including a splash-guard, 2 connection rods and the ’Vesuvio’ bowl, which is an all-round variety.
Height:39 cm
Glass bong double conical tubing
$41.97 / €34.67
Glass bong double conical tubing
Are you seeing double? Maybe you should put the bong down now..Wait! It's supposed to have two bowls! Let's hit that baby again!This bubbled bong has two downpipes and two bowls... Double the hit... double the fun... double the vision!
Height:30 cm

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