Cheap Water Bongs

Water bongs use water filtration process in order to make smoke cooler and more palatable and to allow the dose of cannabinoids to be inhaled more deeply and rapidly. This makes absorption more efficient and so smaller amount of cannabis is required. Water filtered smoke also protects alveolar macrophages, an important component in the lungs immune system, and their ability to fight bacteria.
Protect your lungs and use water bongs!

My favourite Cheap Water Bongs

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Small Glass Bong
$8.26 / €6.83
Small Glass Bong
Small, portable, user-friendly Bong. Green Marijuana leaf is here to make you happy. Smoking can be really joyful and relaxing when looking at this friendly leaf. No worries, just water, smoke and you. And maybe your friends? Let the smoke lead you through the path of your thoughts and lift your emotions high above the line of everyday life experience. The glass encloses the smoke. Release it! Size: 14 cm
Glass Bong
$13.50 / €11.16
Glass Bong
This glass bong's shaft curves the further up it goes until it is at a 45 degrees - the perfect angle for a perfect hit.
The double-bubbled base allows you to maximise the amount of water you can filter the smoke through.
Size: 17cm
Acryl Bong Clear
$12.35 / €10.20
Acryl Bong Clear
-The Bubble Grip Bong maximises its water volume capacity with the wide bubble base, while also featuring raised grips on the shaft above the bubble for your fingers when you hold the bong
-The metal downtube and bowl, mouthpiece ring, rubber grommet and base are standardised bong parts
-A simple but highly effective bong design
Size:26.1 cm Diameter:38 mm

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